Have the "password utility page" display an error message instead of redirecting to 404

Hey guys,

I’m designing my password page – the page user sees before entering my website. As of right now, when a wrong password is being input, the user is redirected to the 404 page.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to simply show the error message (which I’ve already customized) without this redirection. Maybe because this is a utility page, I can’t seem to find where to do this.

Hi Xinyu, that’s not the normal behavior.
On an invalid password you should see an error.

Try testing your password page by assigning a password to a folder or page and see if that works as expected. Site-level passwords may follow a different behavior, but I don’t see why that would happen.

Note passwords only work on hosted sites. If yours is on a plan, and it’s still not working, I’d check with support.