Have Next and previous buttons in a CMS popup

Hey there!

I currently have a CMS collection for the team members. With Finsweet CMS filters set up to filter by team department.

When you click on a team members card, it opens up a popup with a bio about the team member. We are wondering if we can create a “next” and “previous” button on that popup, which will cycle through the team members popup, while also respecting the current filter thats applied to the list.

Please excuse the formatting at the moment as we are still filling in the content. But essentially I suppose we want those team member cards to act light join lightboxes, that you can navigate through with arrow buttons to the next team member in the list.

Any help is much appreciated! I’m presuming this will require some custom code. Maybe to click off the current popup, select the next item in the list, then click on that to make it automatic? Not sure if that would be a valid solution.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Seisma

Hey Tom,

The approach I’d probably use is to find a lightbox solution that can handle HTML chunks.

Finsweet’s CMS filter and CMS load are excellent in that they modify the DOM directly so that it reflects what you’re seeing, so any decent solution like Fancybox should work well on top of that, with the same sorted & filtered view.