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Have many 510 error code on website

Hi, I have been experiencing lots of 510 error code on my website. New collection items are not showing on the website i.e the webpage is created but it’s just a blank page even-though on the designer it has contents. Please help me solve this issue urgently T_T

Please share your site’s Read-Only Link with your post when you have a question.

Hi samliew, thanks the link is here

Hi @OurLocalMarkets, which part of the site are you having problems with?

These are the error links that pop up under my search console’s “server errror” on Thursday.

There are errors because you do not have an actual page for the above on your website. This is normal. If you had a previous website, you need to point those old URLs as indicated above to the new URLs if any, using the tool found in

Site Dashboard > Hosting > 301 Redirects

That’s the problem. They are actually the collection items in the current website…

You will see what I mean when you click on the link on the website…

There are quite a number of Embed Code snippets that are causing this problem. Could you create a clone of your site, remove ALL of the embed codes, re-publish your site, and refresh the page?

If it works then, slowly add back the embed codes one at a time, publish, and test if the newly added code breaks the site.

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