Have CMS act like a mini database ? [ is this possible ]

Using the CMS like a mini database, is this possible?

Use Case here:
Let us say the client has a JOB SEARCH database [ 2 variables here - Category Specialty [ 8 types ] and Location [ 6 locations ] - the CMS could easily be utilized like a mini database here where a good UI allowing the end user to choose between those two variables get’s him to a results page

Something like:
I’m looking for _____________ [ drop down of 8 specialties ] in the area of _________ [ drop down of location ] I call this new age madlibs :wink:

and then in the CMS, each Job listing would have tags [speciality and location ] and the search parameters would spit back a result page that matches those, is this sounding right?

  • We could also have an ANY filed that would only show results based on 1 of those two variables, like show me all Jobs that fall under the location 01 [ of 8 ]

Any good examples of this or best practices and live sites where this kind of search functionality can be seen [ done in webflow of course ]

Lastly, could the results page be loaded upon the user choosing the 2nd variable [ location ], so as to not have a submit / search button they would have to click on? Guessing this is .JS embed code here!

Any help or guidance would be appreciated, thanks

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Hey @LvnLife ,

Yep, I’ve done this. It’s a bit hacky, but for simple things it works. How I did this was by using the Webflow designer to create a CMS element on a page (like for example someone’s name), then on the published site using a JavaScript function to read the inner text of the CMS element once rendered on the page to get its value. I have an example of this method on a demo site I made here.

Yes this would be possible, but without using the Webflow CMS api I’m not sure how you can read its data. You could try reading data that you render onto the page on purpose (like in my example above).

It probably is possible to achieve what you are after with the Webflow CMS, but you would need some custom coding for sure.

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