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Have any Developers attempted adding webflow html to a PHP framework such as Laravel


I am interested to know if anybody has used a PHP framework such as Laravel or Symfony (there are many others) and tried to add exported Webflow HTML into the View


  1. What steps did you take to add the code into the template inheritance of a master layout and yielding sections such as headers and footers?

  2. How easy is it to add Twig or Blade syntax into the Webflow code to output content and/or variables in the View?

  3. If you change the layout in Webflow, what is the best way to update it in your Laravel (or other) project?

I am finishing writing a Laravel backend at the moment and so will be attempting this in the next few weeks. If anyone has any pointers answering these or other related questions that I may not have thought of, that would be great
I will try to update my own experiences here as I go



Hi @symfonycoda.
While we haven’t used a Webflow built design in a Laravel project, we have built many Laravel apps/websites and have used Webflow designs in third-party content management systems.

For the layout, we generally setup a master or base blade file that includes your different sections (header, footer, main, etc.). You can do an include to bring in outside sections:


Webflow exported designs are no different than if you purchased a template off of ThemeForest or anywhere else. First things first. Get your html and resources (css, js, images, etc.) setup in Laravel and then begin adding the dynamic pieces. Laravel offers some great documentation:

Until Webflow releases their API or other design related functionality you’ll need to manually update your html/css in Laravel when you make changes in Webflow.

Hope this helps some. Let me know if you have further questions.


Thanks for the info @ministrypixel

Thats a really helpful starting point, on the same lines as I was thinking but it has clarified my direction.
If I think of anything else I will let you know, I appreciate the offer of further help, an I will update this when I get stuck into that part of my project!


You are very welcome!