Have a background video play uninterrupted across different pages

I’m trying to have a background video play across different pages of my site. Essentially, if I click a page on the Nav menu, I want a translucent page to be overlayed on top of the video, without reloading the entire website thereby reloading the video.

Here’s an example if you click “Our Mission” from the home page: https://hu.ma.ne

Hi Hamayal,

There isn’t an easy way to natively do this in Webflow. In the example you gave, the site is effectively a script-generated hybrid of a single-page site, and subpages. Some of the navigation, like between Home and Mission isn’t actually navigating anywhere, thus the HTML doesn’t have to reload [ and interrupt the video ].

You could probably do something simple in a single-page design on Webflow, but at a minimum, you’d need script to change the URL so that it looks like you’ve navigated to a new page, the same way your example does.

Hi Michael, thanks for taking the time to explain this. I agree that it does seem like a hybrid between a single page and subpages, in that only the Mission page loads like that. At first I also thought Home to Mission wasn’t actually navigating anywhere until I noticed that the slug at the end of the URL changed.

Yes it’s a nifty illustion.
Changing the URL is quite easy with script, I use that approach frequently.

The harder part, on Webflow, is making those URLs work on incoming requests.

You might light this discussion on my blog, if you want to know more about how that works.