Has anyone used Hubspot?

I have a client who we are going to use Webflow CMS to create and host their site. They mentioned that a competitor was trying to sell Hubspot and they liked some of the features. I am curious if anyone has used Hubspot at all and if there is any reason to look into trying to make Webflow and Hubspot play together?



unsure of your question…

hubspot… as in the seo company ?

Correct. They offer a ton of features for a site for inbound marketing which are attractive to businesses looking to have inbound leads. Just wondering if anyone has used it for clients, and if anyone has tied in Webflow at all.

$200/month + $600 (required on-boarding) + $300/month for Website add-on


I had a client who used it for about three years. I helped him with the graphics. He transferred his whole medical site there but it was really expensive and he got very locked into the system. He eventually had to hire a wordpress programmer to reconstruct all the information into a wordpress theme because it wasn’t easy to get out of. They were very aggressive on their sales but they give promise you will have instant success in every area of your life. Well not every area but the implication is there!

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