Has anyone successfully pointed a Weebly hosted Domain to Webflow? [Solved]

My latest client is sick and tired of Weebly - for obvious reasons. I won her on designing a new site with Webflow, because hey that is an obvious choice right! My question is under her account where I am trying to change the domain name, all I see is the following options:

If I change just these two options to what it says here: https://help.webflow.com/article/how-to-set-up-custom-domain-hosting-with-your-webflow-site will that work?

Anyone help with this God Awful platform (Weebly) would be much appreciated guys!


No, you cannot transfer a domain name to Webflow, as it’s not a domain name registrar.

What you can do, is transfer to a domain name registrar like GoDaddy/Namecheap/Google Domains.

After that, you can point the domain name (usher users) to Webflow to view the hosted site.

@samliew - I am not trying to transfer the domain, I am simply trying to point the weebly (lame) domain to my pro plan’s hosting account I have setup for the new website.

Does that make sense?

If I remember correctly, you need to point the A record IP address and a CNAME for the www subdomain.

Webflow doesn’t have a nameserver.

Read this if you need specific instructions with image: How do I configure my Google Domain to my webflow account?

Broski - I know this lol. What I am saying is I can’t find the advanced domain options in Weebly. I was seeing if anyone has pointed a domain name from Weebly to Webflow successfully.

Apparently if you purchased a domain name via Weebly, you can only change nameservers, and A/CNAME records are not available for modification.

I suggest transferring the domain name to a proper domain name registrar.

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Yeah unfortunately I was thinking that is my only route also - just had to check here first.

Thank you very much @samliew

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