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Has anyone here used for User authentication in WebFlo?


I am getting ready to try to use for user authentication. I have seen it mentioned in these posts. But no specific information. I have set up an account with them. also reached out to them to see if they know anything about interfacing with WebFlow. They said an engineer would get back to me.

One of the questions they ask is about my web site, is it a single page application or a regular web app.
They define regular web apps as using express.js,
Single page web applications as a Java Script front end using an API. Angular.js, React.

One question is which of these two are likely to work for WebFlo?
Or is there another option?

Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Since it looks like no one has much info on this so far so far I will go ahead and try to do this myself.
Then post any progress here.
Here is the link to autho docs for what I am trying to do.

I found the three of you tagged below in the only discussion that touches on this subject.
I added you because I think you might be interested or have some knowledge on the matter.
I hope this is alright with you.

Thanks in advance


@Vholford any updates on your quest?

I’ve been reading a bit into the documentation, and I think its going to be hard to do integrate Auth0 fully with Webflow as there’s limited callback-functionality and GET possibility.

I am a bit under the weather for a couple of weeks. So I haven’t been able to work on it. I had started with bubble but found it a little hard to work with. Bubble does have authentication built in. Would be interested if there is any way to do reasonably secure authentication with Webflow. I notice the no one else has commented on this except yourself. hope I can get back to trying this again soon.


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