Handling Copy/Paste Conflicts

Does anyone have any tips or workarounds for Copy/Pasting elements from project to project? In my current workflow I am building elements in a practice project and pasting them into my actual project to keep from breaking things as I build my site. Pasting works as expected. I get conflict errors, hit ok and everything works. But if I want to keep my original class names I have to go in and manually delete the old ones and rename the auto generated pasted classes back to my original name. Is there a way to just overwrite the classes with the pasted styles?

No, that’s kind of the point otherwise you’d essentially be changing your whole site by pasting things. Why not just plan for this by making each have unique classes? I don’t really see a reason why I’d ever want classes to overwrite each other.

I guess it doesn’t really matter. I just like to try to keep my naming conventions clean and not spend time renaming and deleting unused classes. I make improvements on more complicated pieces in a practice project and copy them over so if I break things I always have a working version.