Handle range slider with infinite max value in cms filter?

Hello !

I’m using a double handle range slider from finsweet (Range Slider - Webflow Form Range Slider component) to filter my CMS collection.

My client would like to not have a set value for max range, is it possible to achieve ?

Thanks !

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I’ve not seen a way to do that with FS range slider.

You’d likely need to use a different range slider that can has a callback event when the value is changed. Your custom code would then;

  • Get the value
  • Determine if it’s MAX, and if so,
    • set it to a huge number like 999999999
    • visually update an indicator on the range slider to indicate you’re at max
  • Set that value to an input field which is configured for FS filter
  • Fire an input event with bubbling on to trigger the filter

The came concept can be applied for MIN.

In a pinch, you could probably use FS range slider for this, but I think it might be messy since you’d have a hidden input to represent the slider, and then a separate hidden input for the actual FS filter setting. It can also be difficult to detect the slider change from an input field event, when the change is made by finsweet’s range slider script.