Hamburger nav menu help

Hey guys, hope this is the right category. Did some researching myself and wasn’t able to find a similar topic, but that may be because I’m not great at searching this forum yet, so if this is a repeat I apologize.

I am currently developing a website handed over by a designer and the navigation bar calls for a hamburger menu to be present at all times, as in the button is always there, not just in mobile and tablet views, desktop as well. There is no traditional navbar, always a hamburger button.

How can I make it so the hamburger on tablet and mobile is also there on dekstop and style them all the same?

Thanks guys


Hey guys turns out I figured it out about 10 minutes after posting this, spending a good 30 minutes trying to figure it out prior to posting it though.

For anyone else curious:

Click on your navbar hamburger button, go to settings pane, and drag the visibility slider about halfway down the settings pane to “visible for all devices.”

Sorry about this semi waste of a post.