Hamburger Menus Dropdown

I’m working on my first simple site and am stuck on the dropdown panel in landscape 767px mode. Simply, how do I put in styles on the dropdown panel that is now white? Can someone take a look…thanks…

Basically you just need to choose your menu button, and under the element settings (the gear in the right-hand panel) you can open the menu to reveal the “hidden” nav links. After that, it’s just a matter of targeting the elements within it just like any other element on the page.

Thanks Mike…I’ll do it…

Yes, I did exactly that and it worked, but on the first larger layout it reverted to the problem I was having with the mobile landscape:

I’m finding this more and more in WF, but is it my operation?..

You should be working from the largest breakpoint to the smallest, as this will ensure all of your changes cascade down properly. If you made a changes to your mobile breakpoint for example, those changes won’t reflect on your tablet breakpoint. Does that make sense?

Mike, thanks but I’m working form where the problem showed up first. It doesn’t show up on the largest, only at the second breakpoint.
Or am I missing a link to set from the largest?

Yes, it works from where it showed up…what was i thinking…it should cascade down…