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Hamburger menu third level mobile nav alignment problem


I am trying to get a responsive nav menu working. I am running into failure when it gets to the third level deep in the nav menu when using the hamburger menu. The links won’t display within the area that the menu allocates for them, instead showing right below it. I tried every option, but I can’t get them to move up, so I must be missing something. Here is what it looks like:

The read-only link is: Website preview with my 3rd level nav failure

Any help would be greatfully appreciated. The page where I am working on is Girls Media page. Also on this page is some custom code on integrating a Google Drive folder with a CMS and Lightbox, in case anyone finds that interesting.

I figured it out. There was an interaction applied, but it was applying to children also, hence the sub-menu being effected. I changed it to only apply to siblings and not children.