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Hamburger menu not working / content jumping

I am having some problems with a project that I am working on. I cannot seem to get the hamburger menu to open when it is published. It works in the preview site, but whenever I publish the site nothing happens!

The second issue I am having trouble on is when my navigation bar becomes “sticky” the content jumps vertically just a little.

Can anyone help me?

Here is my share link:

Hi @Marisa_Ang,

Can you share your published site as well?

  • Regarding sticky, why don’t you use Webflow’s native sticky position? You don’t need JS for that :slight_smile:

Published Link:

@avivtech - Webflow’s sticky position was making the entire website vibrate on a short scroll on some browsers. The JS script got rid of that for me :slight_smile:

  1. Regarding the sticky situation :wink: I think you should try to solve the vibration with the native Webflow element. It will be easier and lighter.

  2. Your ‘Nav Menu 2’ element gets display:none for some reason

    My suggestion is to delete the element and the classes, and start with a clean new navbar.

@avivtech Thank you, but I actually fixed it with the original design. I just added a custom CSS to display my overflow as visible for my #navbar.

Do you know why my content may be jumping though? And how would I get rid of that?

My guess is that when the javascript adds/removes the class, the structure of the elements under the body changes. But I am not sure.
Again, using the native Webflow position:sticky would solve that.