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Hamburger menu items GONE!

I’m unsure why the hamburger menu’s drop down navigation disappeared. Not sure when, as we had no reports of sire issues but upon checking on mobile myself today, I’m seeing the hamburger menu itself is there, but the drop down navigation has disappeared.

I did go back into WF and try t put the nav on “Relative” and z index 1000. No help. It works on WF but not live

Anyone have any eyes on it that can offer a fix? I’m sure I’m just overlooking something.

Thank you.

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you seem to have an empty H1 over the hamburger!
on desktop it’s not in the way of anything.

Screenshot 26-02-2020 21-45-10|690x348

Thanks Jonathan. I noticed that as well but it wasn’t interfering with being able to hit the menu itself. I believe it’s more that the navigation drop down is somehow not visible, after hitting the hamburger menu. Still trying to figure it out.

This element has display:none set to it and it’s getting hidden. Fix that and you’ll be good

Thank you. I tried and still nothing.

I know I’m gonna kick myself for spending all this time on a silly error I can’t see with my OPEN EYES!!! :slight_smile:

Does this look right to you? this is what’s shown when I have the “nav menu” selected.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 1.25.09 PM

Is there any animation affecting that element? I’m away from my PC so I can’t really look into it

Thank you Jean… No just the drop down animation. I’m thinking it’s being covered up by something but I can’t figure that out. I could be mistaken and likely have some simple setting wrong… story of my life :stuck_out_tongue:

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It isn’t being covered. It’s just not being displayed. Do a test run and delete everything else on the page but the navbar. It’s still not gonna be shown

I’ll take a deeper look when I have the chance

Thank you. What’s weird is that on WF, its working fine. Isn’t “WF Preview” supposed to show how it’s going to look on a browser/phone?

is there a possible error in Java? or why is it not displayed? try logging in from another browser

Thank you… it seems to be working now that I somewhat rebuilt it. Are the drop down items now visible for you on smaller screens? I appreciate the time.