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Hamburger menu icon problems

Hi team!
I’ve got a problem!
I have this lottie hamburger menu animation that plays when clicked. I’ve got a problem where the animation “box” (in blue) is slightly down the to the right of the actual menu button (in black). This means that im unable to centre the icon properly, but most importantly if you click the black box on the top or left side, it opens the menu but doesnt play the animation!
(This happens more often than you think)

Here’s my read-only link, can anyone help?


Hi @HarryJames

did you solve the isuue? When clicking your link I get a 404-page

Hey @new_work_city !

Yes, sorry!

I couldn’t get the sizing lined up right, but I offset the Lottie div block by -1px on top and left side, this then pushed the icon centrally.

For the animation to play, I removed the animation for a “button click”, and changed it to animate the entire nav bar by selecting “when nav bar opens/closes” - which is a super feature I never knew existed!

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