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Hamburger Menu Drop Down Alignment

Hello Webflowrz, is the site. I am having issues with the dropdown menu. When on mobile if you tap the hamburger the menu box appears quite far down the page. No matter what I do it keeps appearing half way down the page on mobile.

This is a layout, alignment issues. Can anyone help me spot what I am doing wrong?

Design link:


My advice. Stop using position absolute for layout. Do this only if you know what you’re doing. absolute:

remove the element from the normal flow

then you add margin, padding, top, bottom & left :slight_smile: To position the element in the right position related to the Bigger name (Very Buggy technique).

Follow this:

& Google it (“absolute and normal flow”)

By Flex: 3-4 clicks solution

From Zero - try this (3-4 styles - No way to fix your Styles) + The logo and tagline inside brand + The order of the tree should be Logo than menu (in your example you change the order).

Design: Try to minimize the logo height (Very tall navbar on mobile looks bad).

Another solution (Less dynamic) - is to add padding-top/bottom to the hamburger icon (Or position relative and addtop/bottom.


Thank you for your very helpful and informative response.

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