Hamburger menu color bug


I have a hamburger menu on tablet and mobile view with an open and close interaction. When the menu closes, the background of the hamburger button turns beige for absolutely no reason that I can find. I have the exact same navbar on another page with no issues.

Someone please help!


Hi @jermcwill ,

The reason the button turns beige is the “menu close 3” animation triggered.
The above changes “navbar” BG color to #0d1b2a.
Because the “menu” element has an invert filter, the inverted color of #0d1b2a, showing in the “menu” element, is beige (#f2e4d5)

Either change the elements in Lottie to white and drop the invert,
drop the bg color animation or add an inverted bg color (#f2e4d5) to menu as well.
many options to fix, all depends on the different scenarios the button performs in the site.

Thanks for the reply Shay. I ended up having to change the target in the interaction and it looks normal now.

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