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Hamburger menu appearing on desktop


My navigation bar was working fine and I didn’t even touch it; however, the Desktop is showing a hamburger menu all of a sudden, while I set it so that it starts appearing from Tablet down to Mobile. It also happens only on my published domain (it looks fine when I preview it on Webflow). Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

Link to site:
Here is my site Read-Only: **[]

Welcome to the community @quokka!

I’m only seeing the hamburger icon on the tablet breakpoint and down on the live website—can you confirm the issue is happening in an incognito window with all of your extensions disabled?

Hi, thanks for getting back so quickly. Yes, it still appears to be that way. Weird thing is that it only shows up like this on Google Chrome, not on Safari. I’ve attached an image for reference. My webflow just doesn’t seem to be updating to the domain.

Hmm, I am using the newest version of Chrome on Windows 10 and I see the normal menu items all the way until I reach the tablet breakpoint:

Can you try a hard refresh on your browser (Shift+F5 or hold Shift while clicking the browser refresh button) and see if that doesn’t fix the issue?

Hmm, yeah I think it’s the problem of my Chrome. It still looks like this… Has this every happened before? I’m not too sure what I should do…

Can you confirm you’re not zoomed in at all in the browser? There will be a small magnifying icon in the address bar if so, and if I am viewing the website at 200% magnification I see the hamburger icon:


ah yes, that was the problem. It’s fixed now. Thanks so much!

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