Hamburger interaction not working need help ASAP!

Hello Webflower’s
Please help me with the hamburger interaction.I’ve followed this video but it won’t work for me.@pixelgeek could you please help me☮️

My Webflow link:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Sachu,

the interaction for the first click looks good to me. However, it only seems to be showing the interaction when I check your project and preview the whole page, leave preview and change to preview again. Same when I once clicked “preview” in the interaction panel in the designer. Not sure if that’s a bug.

You might need to add a similar interaction for the second click though and define a timeline for it just like you did for the first click.

Hey ChrisT,
Thanks for replying i’ve tried the second click part by reverting the interaction back from close menu to hamburger menu but still it not working as intended.:sweat_smile:

My bad, sorry. Your second click is fine too.

I’ve been playing around a bit and noticed that the second click interaction works when the Hamburger Button is set to position:relative instead of fixed. Not sure if that’s the problem or if there is something else to it. When clicked for the first time, the lottie scales up a little as well. I wonder where that is coming from.

Can’t assist you any further, sorry. I’m still learning too. Hopefully someone more seasoned than me can take a look at that.