Hamburger Icon Breaking : Using Multiple Triggers

Hey guys, here’s a gif of what’s happening.


You can see if you click my hamburger Icon, it turns into an ‘X’ and then when you click the ‘X’ it turns back into a hamburger icon, so far so good.

But if you click the grey space on the right to close the nav, the ‘X’ remains an ‘X’ and won’t change back to the hamburger icon.

Both triggers ( The ‘X’ and the grey space ) have the exact same animation applied to them, but the element (Hamburger Menu) behaves differently based on which trigger you use to close it. Does anyone know what’s happening here?

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I am having this exact issue which I posted about with very little success at a solution.

@jmkriz Yeah that’s crazy! I don’t know what’s happening, maybe its an issue with Webflow.