Hamburger icon background color not being set

Can anyone tell me why I’m getting the gray bars above and below my hamburger icon when I’m in tablet mode? I went to the navbar’s Element settings and changed the Navbar Settings → Menu = Show and then I went to the Style panel and set Backgrounds → Images & gradient → Color = Black but I’m still getting a gray background. (See two green arrows in top, right part of screenshot)


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Orthogonal Agency v3

I don’t see the grey lines on my end, could it be you fixed it already or do you still see them?

I still see them when I’m in Tablet mode or lower and I’ve pressed the hamburger icon button to show the menu. However, now the menu isn’t even working. I’m going to try to fix this on my own for now. Thanks for taking a look.

I’m sorry I can’t be of help, on my end the menu does not even appear when clicking.
It could be the menu has an Active state (same like the Hover state) and that this Active state has a grey background and the menu icon is over it with its extra black background.