Hamburger expands at the middle of page :/

I’m newbie here but i was trying to find my issue through all topics, but don’t succeed.
My problem is: when push at the “hamburger” icon at the mobile device, dropdown menu expands at the middle of page.
It looks like this:

I think it’s positioning issue, but don’t sure. Not so far it worked correctly.

Project is:
Project preview:

Please, could someone help me and say, what i’m doing wrong? I appreciate this.

Hi @True_falcon, thanks for reaching out !

Try to set the navbar class on tablet view, to position relative, does this help?


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It works!!
I’m rookie in html layout, so i sometimes miss something.
Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

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Hi @True_falcon, no problem at all, you can get answers here 24/7 :smile:


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