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Hamburger Close on Click

Hey everyone,

My friend recommended Webflow to me as I’m helping my gf redesign her website. I’ve gotten through it pretty good so far but the only issue I’m having is I changed it so that it’s mostly all on the one main page with the menu needing to link to sections in the page. I got the linking down but my hamburger menu won’t close after you click on the menu items. I’m using Notch theme and haven’t been able to find a script that works so far in my searches on the Forums.


Here is my public share link:

Hi @primmer, David, This theme’s menu is designed to work with multiple pages. Every time you click on a link within the menu it refreshes the page and places it back into the starting state. Using it on a single page layout, you would have to rebuild the interactions within the menu and remove the full page overlay.