Hamburger Button showing as open when menu is closed

Hi all,

When loading my site , the menu button is displaying as if the menu’s open, which I don’t want. And currently it takes 2 clicks to open the menu.

It seems like the thing that’s causing it is an interaction: Nav Menu btn NEW,

…which I added to
C-Menu-Item-2. (the 3rd menu option down, which is the ‘About’ menu option)

I know it’s that one because if I remove it , the issue is fixed when loading the site,

but then I’m left with the issue of the hamburger button not reacting and remaining open when the menu item ‘About’ is clicked. So it stays like this…
…on the main page after the menu closes.

The weird thing is that the same interaction works perfectly for the menu item ‘Work’,

So i’m puzzled as to why when adding it to ‘About’ it has a different result as both menu options have the same interactions assigned to them.

If anyone can work it out i’d be really grateful. Thanks.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - alexis creative