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Hamburger and form problem


I’m fairly new to this but I have several problems:

1, Every time the website is opened on a browser it defaults to opening at the footer where I have placed a subscribe form, can anyone tell me how it can be changed to open at the header?

2, I’m having real problems creating a hamburger style menu for the mobile versions, can anyone tell me how to do this?

Thank you in advance


1.Click on the form field, go to settings and remove the tick from Autofocus.

2. Go to navigator panel and select the nav button. Go to settings and make sure it’s visible everywhere by using those icons: Just click on the mobile portrait and landscape icons in here to bring the menu icon back to your project :)

Thanks bartekkustra, but I’m still having problems with the hamburger. Still not sure where I’m going wrong…

just as a suggestion… not related to your question…

In your Home Image Section… section… you have a row inside a container.

You could remove the container and row… and use 2 divs instead… width 100%… one on top - one on bottom.

Top div would hold the h2main heading - bottom div would hold the h1mobile heading.

To ensure a text wrap… you could have a small div around each heading.

Your subscribe button scales up on mouseover… doesn’t look that great. I’d change the background color instead of scaling.

You have linear gradient on your background. You can use a box shadow on “blue section”.

thank you revolution, that would have been my next task - to ask others about the general design. Like so many design software there are many ways to achieve an end result. I have also remedied the hamburger issue by just creating a new header!