Half visible Navbar

I’ve searched the forum for the answer to this issue but unfortunately I couldn’t find it. My Navbar used to work perfectly - full visibility and sticky function worked on every device - but now just half of Navbar shows up and and it moves a bit further up when scrolling the pages. In the preview mode it seems fine but when I check it online, it goes all wrong. I’ve changed some text (not in Navbar though) on the website and maybe it moved things around. I’d really appreciate help. Thank you!

Hi Ula,

The problem is that there is a -24px transform applied on the body (See the image below)

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 7.32.31 PM

Remove that and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

That’s amazing, it’s solved! Thank you so much.
Could I also ask you one more question? On my second page the RGB section goes under the Navbar (again it’s only visible online). I thought I’ve just fixed it by resetting the position but it’s doing it again. Thank you.

I didn’t quite get you?

I see the RGB section on the other page and it does go under the navbar. That’s quite normal. So what do you want to fix?

Apologies if it wasn’t clear:) Right now it the page looks like this when it’s open

And I’d like is to look like this (the main page works fine, it’s the second one that does that)

Thank you,

I see,

But I see the read only link and it looks fine.

Add top margin to the RGB section. Does it fix it?

Unfortunately no. The preview shows that everything is ok but when checking on different devices the RGB section goes behind the Navbar. On iPad I thought it worked for a moment but now it’s gone back to the top of the page. I checked and changed every size separately so I don’t miss anything but it’s like the RGB ignores the Navbar. Thanks again for looking at it.

Hi Ali, I’ve managed to fix the problem of the page not opening at the top. I had linked the very first section on the page instead of to the page as a whole but it’s all good now. Also, your suggestion of adding a margin worked but I didn’t realise that going to the top of the page was my real problem. Thank you for helping out.
All the best,

Ah I see

That’s good to know. Best of luck Ula!