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Had to manually add both www and non-www to webflow hosting, will i get charged double?

Hello all,

Below are two screenshots, one is the DNS Management dashboard with my domain provider, the other is a screenshot of the hosting section within Webflow.

DNS Management

Webflow Hosting

My question is, do I get charged $4.99 twice for having the www and non-www domains setup within Webflow?

PLEASE NOT: I had to add the www. domain manually within Webflow’s hosting, i didn’t have to do this last week with another site designed in Webflow which i also didn’t export this was a .com domain but the domain I am dealing with today is a domain and so I am assuming that because it is a and not a .com this is the reason why it didn’t automatically add both www. and non-www.

So does my DNS Management setup make sense? if not what am I doing wrong? and last but not least does having both versions of domains charge me double?


Kind regards,


Hi @SteveRetro, thanks for your question. You pay $4.99 for the main domain:

and subdomains for the main domain such as:

are included to the custom domain fee. You do not pay extra for that. I was looking at your hosting setting screenshot from webflow, and it is looks like you have a typo in the www domain. Correct that to get the www domain working. Your settings from your DNS provider look good.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have any issues. Cheers, Dave

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