H3 Heading Hover Defaults to Purple - Not Changing


Appreciate the help in advance. I’ve made some progress with webflow and have been stuck on an issue with the hover for integrations, which defaults to the purple which was set by the theme creators - we are looking to have it be lime green. I’ve adjusted this on the editor and in the editor it appears to be working - I’ve also:
-Hard refreshed the browser
-Adjusted/reset hover colors
-Tried to adjust the inherited selectors

Here’s the read-only version of the website:

The live website:

What it looks like:

What it should look like:

Help would be appreciated! Also - feel free to send any feedback on the website/design/anything my way!

Bump - still cannot resolve this. It may have to do with H3 inherited fields - but, can’t change it.

Hi @Omar_Jandal i found the problem!
somewhere on your site is a interaction fireing on your “Article V3” class.

I don´t know where the interaction is set, but if you mind it i would simply change the color in the interaction from purple to green. Or just delete it. I have also seen that there are other interactions for v1 and v2 classes.
Was this site built from ground up?

Hope i could help

Weird, is there any custom code at site level?

Can you edit the purple color of the theme? It’s a global color, so turn that green maybe…

It is a interaction somewhere on the site @vincent set to the class. I dont know where exactly it is, but when i change the color in the v3 interaction it changes it also on hover.

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Great job finding that! I’ve seen the style added inline in the inspector, nothing in the CSS, I thought of a custom js that the theme designer could be using on many site… haven’t thought to look in IX.

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Yep I’ve check the V3 IX and the V3 out. They set the scale on the image and also the title color, which could be done in CSS instead.

This said, if you change the global color as I suggested before, then everything purple turns green, and if will affect the interactions too, because they sue the global color.

@Omar_Jandal remove the title color action in the V3 interactions and you should get control back. Or simply just edit the purple global color into your green — which you probably should have done after purchasing the template if you wanted to change the primary accent color sitewide. It’s possible that you manually changed a lot of purple things to green instead.

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Appreciate all the help! Got it, this is probably what was causing the majority of my issues.

And yes - purple to green was all manual… live and learn.

Right?! The next project is always the best! :joy:

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