H2 not overriding, even though All H2 Heading is selected?

Hey y’all,
Trying to get into this Webflow. I’m working on porting my design and while building a stylesheet, I hit a stumbling block.

Here is a YouTube video I recorded depicting the problem:

Basically, for some reason, I can’t override an H2 tag globally. It keeps saying that there is something greater than the global H2 tag, labeled h2. But I can’t reach it or affect it or remove it: neither from the selector menu or the inheritance menu. It doesn’t affected other headings, just my H2 heading. Any idea what’s happening?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

@nerveband yeah, this is a recent bug. There’s a team working on this, I reported it a while back too. Feel free to report it as well, that way they can add it to their list of where it’s showing up.

Thanks for the response @sarahfrison. Wondering if a Mod could move my thread into the Bugs category?

I did that right after answering your post :slight_smile:

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