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H1 collapsing weirdly on desktop

Hi everyone,

I’m having problems with one H1 in my site. It looks fine on the designer and the preview, but when I publish it, the two words are split in 2 lines. Funny thing is, I tried it with the other pages, made the titles longer than “About Koru” but it doesn’t split in 2 lines.

My problem is with the ‘About Koru’ page.
Hope someone can help me troubleshoot this.

The read only link is here:

You can see it happening here:




Could you try changing the display type to Block & centring with the with type options. Image below (Click to expand)

It’s a bit strange to add flex onto typography, you would usually have this on the parent element (The Section/Div) telling items inside of it to flex centre.

Does that help?



Thanks so much! Worked like a charm.

One new lesson for the newbie :slight_smile:


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