Gym potential client. Help needed

I have a potential client who owns 3 gyms, in different locations, all over the same brand.
They are looking for a site in which, on the homepage, the user can choose their gym and access the specific pages concerning the chosen gym.
They also want to edit content (classes timetable, special offers, fitness tips, etc), with a custom login, but the trick is that they need that each gym can only have access to edit the areas concerned to its own gym…

So, I’m guessing the only way to do this with Webflow is to have 3 separated websites and set a separated CMS for each? For what I noticed there is no way to add a login area and specify what content can be assigned to each editor?

They don’t want separated sites and don’t want to have a triple CMS cost. I explained that this is the best option, but they keep pushing to integrate all in to one solution.

Is there a way to build this in Webflow?

No there is no way today to accomplish this in Webflow. You can only invite one editor per site in the CMS Settings and you can not decide which content different authors has the right to edit. If you have the right to edit all editors have that right.

This is probably on the roadmap with subsites and also different logins on the same site and subsites but today it is not possible.

On the other hand, if you build this with Wordpress and WP-Types together with their WP Access Engine you can make this happen but the cost for doing this customization in Wordpress would probably be greater than just setting up three gym sites inside Webflow anyway.

Sorry that there is no solution clear enough but remember that Webflow is still just born :smile:

Danm… I’m looking forward for the day where there is a real competitor for Wordpress, and I hope that will be Webflow. It may be years from now, but I’m already dreaming of it.

I don’t want to use Wordpress for a lot of reasons, just to point 2:

  • I don’t like the system, secrurity, installing plugin, after plugin…
  • I don’t master it (and if I don’t like it, maybe never will).

I’ll just propose 3 separated websites. I believe they’ll look into other direction but I have to be confortable with what I can offer.

Thanks @AndreasKviby

I would Imagen if they wanted something with 3 separate logins this would be very costly if done outside of webflow, you could use this to you advantage in making them use 1 login.

Could you not offer to manage this for them? or would it be very time consuming?

Matthew :slight_smile:

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They really want control over the 3 subsites, individually.
I explained that the solution they are asking would be much more expensive and even offer them a discount if they choose to have 3 separated websites…

They are now considering Wix and doing it themselves (in the same model - separated sites).
For much as I explain the benefits of using a professional tool such as Webflow (and that there is no comparison), they are focused on the visual capacity, control and low cost that they could have with Wix.
For small businesses, Wix is gaining control and it is hard to refute when the client doesn’t look behind the visual aspect of the site…

Anyone else here with such type of experience? I know that there is no comparison between the 2, but I’m lacking ideas to make my point on this.

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We do lots of sites in Wix. What do you want to know?


Is it the money to design 3 different sites that they are balking at? Or the monthly fees for 3 different sites? If so, I took a look at Wix and they are almost $10 per site per month if they want a website without Wix branding, which is comparable to Webflow.

I have some ideas for you, but it would be best if we could talk in person - so I can get a better idea of what they want and what you will be charging them to make sure my suggestions would be useful.

Feel free to call me - my phone number is in my profile, in my website contact info.

Teresa :smile:

You should not consider using Wix if you want your client to edit content and not design. When you give login to client in Wix they can change anything. They just released Wix Collaborator or contributor but still the login you give permission to can edit everything and not the elements you want them to edit.

A lot of people use Wix because their HTML Editor is the best editor in the world. If WebFlow could offer some kind of “Beginners mode” or “Non-Developer-Mode” and give that kind of editor to clients they should gain in popularity a lot because the lack of CMS functions in Wix and the missing piece of responsive web.

Thanks for all your feedback.
The client has finally agreed with 3 separated sites :wink:

Three separate Webflow sites @nita_design ? :smile:

Will you create a base template that all three locations agree upon and then just clone the site to customize for each one? That’s a huge benefit to be able to essentially create the template. :smile:

I’ll have a base template, cloned for each gym, and each one will have a separate access:

I was thinking on something like this:

I wish there was a way to create subdomains with Webflow :frowning:

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