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Guidance on pinning buttons in navbar

Hey webflow gang, I’m in need of some help. It seemed simple doing it in my head but I’ve been trying to position my buttons to always be on the right side in my navbar but the buttons aren’t going to the right like on the site I’m recreating I must be missing something or made an error.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi there!

Looks like you just need to change your display settings. There are a few ways to do it, but one would be to use Block and then add in some padding on the right. I recorded a quick screen capture for you:

Hope that helps!

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Hey Parker, I think you got me a step closer to completing the navbar but Im trying to keep the links next to the logo and keep the 2 CTA buttons where there at. Thats why I had the nav container on flex so the links would be positioned closer to the logo.

Ah, take two! You essentially just need to have your links and logo in one div, then your buttons in another. Then, you can use Flex to put the first div on the left and the button div on the right. Here’s another quick walkthrough:

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I appreciate the help @parker, learning new things with this webflow system every day!!

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