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Guidance on how to correct an animated bug/issue?


I had made another post earlier, but now I realize I need to approach this differently, I think.

Net Carbs Div (on the right):
I am trying to fix a problem when after a box is clicked all the other boxes inner text moves up. (you can use cmd + a or select all of the page to see that text is visible) Well, I am now seeing this as something animated and done by the transform part in Webflow. How would I go about getting the text to either not move or go hidden? I tried to move the margin and thing around, but that doesn’t do it.

The .netcarbsproductmomentinsidediv div is dynamic and get its colors from products in the cms linked to Shopify. It is also only one element. Meaning although you can see it 5x, there is only one element.

I’ve also tried to manipulate it with jQuery and JavaScript.

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