GRRRRRRRRRRRRRid! Back to flex

Simple 4 x4 grid, each cell has a lightbox and an image. All displays fine in desktop, in tablet the images don’t show in the first column…

I could spend the next couple of hours trying to figure it out, but, as usual, go back to flex…

Just having a rant.

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I agree - the grid feature isn’t great. I normally just default to flexbox - the grid is a pain to control and I found that it doesn’t work properly in IE anyway. So there isn’t much point in it.


Yes Grid is still a new concept but with a bit of practice, Grid is a fully functioning tool (if used wisely).

Using Flex in IE can be just as troublesome as it is not very well supported on IE either!

In fairness to the grid, I managed to solve the problem - a very odd one: the images in the first column simply didn’t show. When I converted it to a flex box, those images still didn’t show, so I replaced them and it worked. All classes were the same.
Sometime, I can’t be bothered to solve a problem, after all I am paid by the hour!