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Grow template hero span height? Custom Code?

Hello All,

I love the hero section of the Grow template ( ) and how it spans the height of the window. Is this done with custom code? That is the only element of that template I like and I don’t want to have to buy it just to find out what makes that happen only to never use the template itself. Can anyone chime in on exactly how it was made for the grow template specifically?


I think you need to set the section’s height to 100% than it will fill the whole screen as you scale the browser window

Finally tried it. Doesn’t work at all. Can anyone chime in on how its done? Has anyone purchased the grow template that would provide a public link for me to just look at the settings for that hero?


You need to give the Body the setting height 100%. After that create a section with the same setting of 100% height. That way it can recognize the actual size of the browser window. After you did this just style the section as a hero section you like, by adding background image, title, button etc…

@DFink, that full body section that @rowan mentioned, you could further add a slider, and make it 100% width and height, and then get full screen slider, you can be creative :smile:

Thank you guys so much! That was the missing link. I plan on doing a slider so I think it will be pretty awesome when I’m done.

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