Grouping products for a price list

I have read a number of Forum entries regarding ‘grouping’ (or perhaps sorting would be a better word) products; however, none of them have so far been any help.

I am trying to create a price list (as it happens, for a sound equipment hire company) where prices for products vary by what they are ordered with. The uploaded screenshot below should help explain this:

I get that some of this is relevant for the coming soon e-Commerce update, however, this is just a price list. I’ve been advised by Webflow Support that Rich Text boxes with individual information could acheive this - but don’t want this option. They also advised using text boxes with Conditional Visibility - however despite repeated watching, and reading, cannot fathom how this will help (and to be honest, the videos only give one example, which is great if this is relevant) but I have so far failed to transfer this to the example I am using (and I fully admit, I may no longer be able to ‘see for the trees’).

Ultimately, I’m sure there’s probably a simple solution - however, can’t seem to find it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Here is my public share link:
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Hi @mdwclarke

Can you re-post the share/preview link - I can’t get the one above to open…

@StuM I did - however, another moderator removed my post and edited my original post. However, it now looks like I haven’t as your post still exists.

Hey @mdwclarke, yes i did it, i was replying to you saying that i’ve edited it to the orignal post

I’m doing an example to explain to you a way to do it right now

So I suggest you remove @StuM’s post so it makes sense (otherwise it will still look like the link doesn’t work)

Ok so here is the kind of structure you should do in your CMS in my opinion

Style how you want it to look

And then sort order


You can find the orignal project here

Hope this helps

It should be ok @mdwclarke no worries @StuM and I are both here to help you and we both know the readonly works now

@zbrah No I’m sorry it doesn’t. The price is entirely irrelevant.

Ok @mdwclarke so can you explain me what you mean by “vary by what they are ordered with” please

In my example, the product they would hire is Phonak - Roger.
The cost (which isn’t relevant to how the list is sorted) to hire is dependent on the options they take, e.g. ‘Roger mains TX with Roger RX.’ ‘Additional RX’ or ‘Additional TX’ are for that product only, so would still come under the product ‘Phonak - Roger’

Ooooh ok i get it @mdwclarke. So i have more question now :slight_smile:
Is it supposed to be just a “calculator”, or are you going to plug it to an ecommerce solution in the end ?
If it’s “just” a calculator, i don’t see easy option :confused:

There is no calculation needed at all - and the intention is to use the upcoming e-Commerce solution in all likelihood. For now, this is just a display of a price list (this is for a hire company, so straight-forward price list is a little bit more difficult)

@mdwclarke Does this kind of structure works for you ?
(On product page)

If I’m understanding you correctly, you should use 2 CMS items:
Product Categories

Tie each product to a product category and then display on your resulting page all possible products as separate lists filtered by each category.

Make each product list conditionally visible. When the filtered product list has no products, it won’t display. You can sort your lists for whichever field you wish.

The downside to this is dynamic categories, you have to manually add a new list for every new category, however, if you add in all the categories, they’ll all be represented.

I have an example of this here:

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