Group CMS entries by Month for Event Calendar

Is there any way to group CMS entries by month? I know I can show the current month, but how can I do something like:

Jan Feb Mar. Apr

So if you click on the link for each month you only see that months events.

How can I do this?

I wish we could filter on months, and ranges, but that’s not the case for the moment.

To cope with this limitations, I have several fields on some of my CMS collections. Such as an option field with the month, so I can filter on the month (month equals …), also I have option or text fields with range group (group1, group2…).

Hi Vincent. So I get the Month equals part. Bu how do you setup say a text link for November to show only those events?

If the link goes to another page, set the collection list on that page to that month. or you can use a tab element with a different filtered collection list under each tab, with the tab link representing your month or range.

Here is an example of such a tab element that i’m working on, with filtering on option fields for months:

And the filter:

Warning: no more than 20 collection lists per page.

I ended up using Tabs which is great. Only issue with this technique is how do you get the current tab to open on page load to the current month? I assume I need some JS maybe? Any suggestions?

I am getting this:

And I want this:

Haha, each month I manually set the default tab. For the moment. It’s just on 3 sites so… but yeah I could use a JS :smiley:

Check out what I did Vincent. I just added a CURRENT tab to show the next 30 days

Hey! That’s a design solution that is very applicable to my sites!

Thanks, I’m going to use it too :slight_smile:

Yes it solves that issue without a bunch of messy JS.

That’s also even more useful than having the full month by default, potentially displaying past departures.

I use the “From today to…” filters on homepage for the same cruises departures, but I never thought of having them as a default tab. That’s cool.

Now you don’t have to change the default tab every month. Works great. I have not seen any other sites do it this way yet. Such a simple solution with an additional tab.

You can show past and future cruises on that default tab. Great idea. Then other tabs are upcoming entries.

Please Help me to understand what i missing …

Im trying to build Filter by Months - With FinSweet JS code.
I believed that is supposed to be easy.

But I’m missing something in the CMS And the buttons.

Please Help here Guys!