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Grids not working on Internet Explorer... help!

I have used Webflow grids which works on all platforms except for Internet Explorer.
All of the information in the grid collapses to the first column and therefore illegible.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Here is my site Read-Only:

hi @rgeurope Microsoft ends support IE by August 2021. If you still need create fallback there are some articles on net how to but IMHO in these days is not worth to pay attention to IE at all when grid works in Edge.

Like @Stan mentioned, it’s probably about time to stop supporting IE due to it’s lack of support from Microsoft itself and the warnings about its known vulnerabilities. is a great resource to see whether or not a feature is supported by a specific browser, but given the state of IE it’s expected that more modern features like CSS Grid are not (fully) supported and may not render as expected.

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I will only add that you may use @support CSS Tricks as some offices may still use IE till today on daily basis, so all is depends who is majority of your visitors but again as you get from our responses there is no need to pay attention to IE. Your call :wink:

@Stan @mikeyevin Thank you for that information, that’s really helpful. Definitely makes me less concerned that it’s not rendering, considering it’s working on every other platform.

Hi @rgeurope If this solved your issue feel free to mark any response as solution to close this request.