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Gridflex: flexbox system integratable in webflow?

Gridflex is a relatively new css framework for flexbox. Probably promising for use in Webflow. Anybody seen this and tried to work with it? I’m planning to look into this next month when there is some more time.

Gridflex info can be found here:

Everything will work with Webflow, but CSS and JS custom code won’t preview in the designer or designer preview. Only HTML and embeds (iframes) show up in the designer at the moment.

What is it you’d like to build and can’t with only Webflow tools?

ehh, to my knowledge Webflow doesn’t have support for flexbox…

@rich_art now we do :wink:

Thnx! I already implemented the new flex properties in a design earlier today. And it works great. You’ve done a nice job integrating all the complex options.