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Grid Responsiveness Failed-The Freelancer's Journey Part 26

Hi people,

Newbie here… I’m following the freelancer’s journey tutorial to understand how webflow works. However i got a little stuck on Part 26 which is about the editing the grid to fit the mobile landscape better.

My issue is; in the video tutorial @3:35, it shows that when he changed the major heading grid from taking 3 columns to 2 columns by dragging it. the whole grid system seems to following the instructions and it automatically delete the other grid and the whole thing move accordingly. We are supposed to have 3 columns for the design, and they automatically adjust to 2 columns when he stretch the “major heading” from 3 columns to 2 columns.

Howeveeerr… on my page; when i tried to adjust the “major heading”, nothing seems to change.

and when i tried to adjust my columns manually by deleting 1 column, it automatically generated another column on Auto mode. so i cannot seems to escaped from 3 columns settings.

Here is my shared link:

and here is the link to the tutorial:

Thanks fellas!!