Grid of link blocks not aligning, help!

Hi folks,

I have created a grid of four links blocks which lead to corresponding pages of my site. Each link has a simple hover feature with a div and text block. However, I cannot get the last box in the grid to stay in the correct dimensions when I fix it’s position to absolute, just as I did with each of the others.

I have trawled the forums and haven’t found what could be the problem. I’m pretty new to this so apologies if I missed anything. Some pictures are attached to hopefully illustrate what I’m saying.

I’ve been taring my hair out trying to get this to work, so any help would be much appreciated!


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi, @pietro_pan welcome to the webflow forums!

Setting the div inside “Link Block 9” from relative to absolute worked for me.
I also added the distance to 0%, so it’s going to be kept aligned to the upper edge.

The positioning panel of “Div Block 7 Copy Copy Copy” should then look something like this:

Also, I recommend reading into some topics like flexboxes and classes, your structure could improve from that and therefore your margin for error :grin: