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Grid layouts all over the place

Separate to the Grid issues when inside a symbol, I’m finding Grid difficult to get my head around. The layouts seem to have a mind of their own.

I have 6 boxes with content inside, I’d like to try in the grid instead of responsive divs. All I want is for the boxes to remain in a logical order in the different breakpoints.

1 2 3
4 5 6

1 2
3 4
5 6


This seems like a very normal layout, unfortunately, Grid juggles with the order. Whatsmore the changes I’m having to make are cascading back up to higher ranking breakpoints, which messes things even more. I’m beginning to think Grid has been rushed/launched too soon?

Fixed my own problem. Solution was to have a 6x6 grid.
Desktop boxes bridged 2 columns and 3 rows
Tablet boxes bridged 3 columns and 2 rows
Phone boxes bridged 6 columns and 1 row :blush:

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