Grid Layout Bumping Out Content

Hello all,

I’m trying to create a grid layout but the upper left-hand grid box keeps bumping all content over to the next box and not allowing any content to be contained within. I’m sure it’s something very straightforward that I’m missing, just need some insight.

Here is my site in read-only: Webflow - RLReppert

Thanks in advance for any help!

@Andrew_Wright - If you are using a container for the grid then core CSS on that element is the reason. If that is the case, create a child DIV in the container and move your elements inside that. Apply the grid to your new DIV.

Thank you very much! That was the solution. I need to go back and better understand the difference between containers and DIVs.

A container has some hidden webflow styles included in your CSS by default whereas a div would have none.

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