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Grid items disappear on Mobile


I am currently working on our new Company Site. We want to make a Briefing Form, that wie connect to So far so good.
I am building this whole form with the new Grid system in Webflow.
Everything works Kinda fine… Till i want to make it Responsive.
When i go into mobile View, and want to rearange some of my form field and text blocks, they just disappear, go to a 0px hight or just move to a completly different Spot then i put them in.

And for some reason, some of my textfields are not expanding to a 100% width. When i want to stretch them over 2 collums of my grid, they seem to be stuck in the left part of the grid.

Here you can clearly see, that i stretched it over 2 Collums, but the text field wont expand

and as soon as i go into mobile, some of my form fields disappear or something like that.

i hope someone can help me.
The form i located in the Briefing Page in my share link

Here is my site Read-Only:

Does no one have an idea? i don’t know what to do next

Not sure I understand your problem. All items are there when I look at the grid at mobile breakpoints, all text blocks that should be 100% are 100% width. Am I missing something?

I just redone the whole thing, but with just one Grid and everything in one div block. now it works, but it doesnt look as good

So what exactly you want help with now?

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