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I updated my Grid box the other day with some rounded corners. Since updating the Corners, it does not view properly on Chrome but is fine on Safari and the Webflow Editor? Not really sure whats happening and I have tried everything I can think of.

See screenshots below:



Webflow Editor View

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Hello @Alex_Hubbuck,

I’ve seen a lot of similar problems related to browsers and the problem always ends up being the version of the browser you are using. Did you tested on the latests versions of safari and chrome?

Please provide the OS / OS version/ Chrome version you think is an issue.

Win 10 Pro / Chrome 77 shows no issue.

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I am running on Mac OS Mojave - Safari 12.1 - Chrome 77 (Chrome is the issue however I have also checked on Chrome on my Google Pixel and this is fine) Its strange I only changed the corners but the layout seems to be having issues now? :woman_shrugging:t2:

@Alex_Hubbuck - Could not duplicate. Tested Mac OS Mojave / Chrome 77

You could test in icognito mode and use the dev tools with caching off. See if the issue persists for you. This looks like a local issue for you.

Hi Everyone

Thanks for all of your suggestions, I had a few days off work this week and came back to it working fine… I did not do a thing lol. So it must of been a local issue.

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Had this issue again yesterday and as soon as I used incognito mode the issue resolved. Thanks for the tip

You are welcome. FYI: Your issue going away when setting Chrome to incognito mode indicates there is a browser extension that is causing a problem.

I only have Webflow and Honey downloaded as browser extensions, I have had these downloaded for over a year now. The only thing I can think of is the Mojave update messing with chrome or the extensions?

Isolate by disabling Honey. That is the variable I would look at.

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