Grid is not responsive

I have the following grid section and what I want to achieve is for each of the texts to shrink down as I make the screen smaller. But the text size is not changing.

After reading many posts here and also looking at some resources in WebFlow University, my understanding is that grid is supposed to be responsive and fluid by default, but not in the case of my example. What am I missing? Thanks!

If I have this right Akbar, you are not using a responsive text size unit. px is a fixed sized.
Read up on what the other units are and you will get the resizing your after.
Have fun.

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Thanks for the response. The font size issue that you mentioned seem to be part of the problem. I also realized that I need to check the auto-fill box in the grid columns to make it more responsive. Will keep these points in mind for later :slight_smile:

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Great your moving forward with this and having fun.
Thanks for the heart but can you also tick solution to keep the forum clean and people know its been resolved. This helps other who are looking for help and others not needing to look to help if that makes sense.

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