Grid is Blown Up After Leaving My Design and Is Impacting Layout

Hello Webflowers,
I’m having some trouble with a grid-cloneable I inputted into my site’s design. I had been working on this design for hours yesterday, with the grid being completely justified centered to the page, and at the correct height/width, I came back today and the grid is huge, causing my button to go off center and an entire row of the grid to not be seen in the designer or the preview space.

This is cloneable so I was not responsible for the images, having researched how to troubleshoot something like this and others have had problems with the image being too big for the grid, however, the grid was perfect fin when I was editing yesterday. Is there anything that could have moved or is impacting this cloneable to where it is entirely too big for the page?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - THE SMRT TECH SITE)