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Grid in editor when clicked disappears - also adds a strange background colour

BIG HELP NEEDED - For some strange reason, whenever I click on a grid in the Webflow editor, it’ll remove the entire width and height of the grid and all children elements inside. Making any editing of the content impossible. It always strangely adds a background colour by default and I need to make it transparent.

Just unclear if this is something I’m not understanding about grids or whether this is a bug in the system.

Live video demo -

Read-only link -

Zach your Webflow link isnt working anymore.
People won’t be able to help you.
Also can you redo your video and show how the class is setup, your icon was covering the important part, and show the elements.

Hi Zach. I’m having the same issue, when clicking on a grid the entire grid just shrinks, it goes back to normal size when clicking outside. Did you manage to sort this out?